Our business was builtfrom the ocean floor up.
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We started with pure, fresh fish. But we didn’t stop there.

Cooke Aquaculture Inc. is a vertically-integrated aquaculture corporation based in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, Canada with salmon farming operations in Atlantic Canada, the United States (Maine and Washington), Chile and Scotland, as well as seabass and seabream farming operations in Spain.

The quality of our seafood products depends on the care we take – from the egg to the plate.

Part of our global success comes from our ability to control our supply chain, creating consistency of quality standards and fast, fresh delivery for our clients around the world.

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True North Seafood

Freshness and Variety.

Our obsession with delicious, fresh seafood has been in our DNA ever since the day our ancestors began fishing the waters of the Bay of Fundy six generations ago. And while times have changed, we haven’t. Like our grandparents, we’re proud to spend our days living and working alongside our neighbors and friends in coastal communities to produce the freshest seafood imaginable. Fishing is in our blood. It drives us to innovate—to stay true to you, the environment, and to ourselves. It’s our true north.

To us, the ocean is more than a source of seafood—it’s a source of pride. For generations, it has shaped our families and communities, and given us a sense of identity and purpose. And we’re determined to make sure it stays that way for generations to come. We believe the health of our communities depends on the health of the ocean. For us, staying true to the ocean is how we stay true to ourselves, our community and our future. And that’s why we’re willing to do whatever it takes to ensure long-term social, economic and environmental sustainability.


For more information, please visit www.truenorthseafood.com

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Cooke Aquaculture

From Egg to Plate.

Started by the Cooke family in 1985 with one farm and 5,000 salmon, Cooke Aquaculture has grown into an innovative, fully-integrated global seafood company.

Delivering top quality seafood requires top quality performance at every point in the supply chain, from inception through growth, harvesting, processing, and delivery.

To ensure the highest standards of product and service for our clients, vertical integration and operational diversity are embedded in our way of doing business. In Atlantic Canada, Cooke Aquaculture is involved in every step of the journey – from our broodstock and spawning and juvenile rearing to marine farming, feed manufacture and equipment development and maintenance. From sites around the Atlantic provinces, we grow, harvest and process fresh Atlantic salmon for our discerning customers who value our fresh, local flavour. We are a major economic driver in coastal communities and we are a company that cares about our employees and our neighbours.

Integrated Divisions

Salmon Farming

  • Kelly Cove Salmon
  • Cold Ocean Salmon


  • GMG Fish Services
  • Northeast Nutrition and Charlotte Feeds


  • True North Salmon
  • Atlantic Fish Specialties (AFS) / True North Smoked
  • Hermitage Processing


  • Shoreland Transport


  • AC Covert
  • North Market Seafood

Sales & Marketing

  • True North Seafood

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Cooke Aquaculture USA

Building Up In Downeast Maine.

Cooke Aquaculture has been a part of the Downeast Maine community for more than a decade, since purchasing the East Coast operations of some of our biggest competitors who had decided to leave the area. These operations included Atlantic Salmon of Maine, Heritage Salmon and Stolt Sea Farm (which later became Marine Harvest).

Because these companies were in financial difficulty, the acquisitions became turnaround operations. Changes were implemented quickly in order to save hundreds of jobs. Cooke took a collaborative approach with both government regulators and non-governmental organizations to rebuild a sustainable salmon farming sector in Maine.

Today, Cooke has marine farms in three distinct areas of Maine: Eastport, Machiasport and Points South, including Black Island South, near Bar Harbor. Cooke also operates three freshwater hatcheries at Gardner Lake, Bingham and Oquossoc. Value-added processing takes place at the Machiasport facility, giving Cooke a fully-integrated operation within the State of Maine.

Cooke will continue to build the state’s salmon farming sector to meet a growing demand for fresh, Maine ocean raised Atlantic salmon. That includes continuing to embrace the bay management area structure by stocking three distinct geographical areas. This ‘all-in, all-out’ management style has proven to be beneficial for fish health, and the health of our shared marine environment.


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Cooke Aquaculture Pacific

Sustainability in Puget Sound.

Atlantic salmon have safely and sustainably grown in Puget Sound for more than 30 years. With its deep, clean water and strong tidal surges, the Sound is ideal for growing salmon. Our farms enable us to supply fresh or frozen, high-quality salmon in various forms and sizes to wholesale customers (primarily on the west coast of the US) year round. We operate salmon farms at Bainbridge Island, Cypress Island, Port Angeles, and Hope Island, Washington. We pay careful attention to feeding efficiency, site security, and fish health, and use no hormones.

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Cooke Aquaculture Scotland

We go to extremes for the taste.

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland embraces a challenging environment of wild seas and remote farms to deliver some of the world’s best salmon.

The care and dedication our farmers demonstrate in the face of harsh conditions, coupled with a strong tidal flow in the region, produce a delicious, superior natural product – a strong salmon with a firmer, tastier flesh.

One of the largest Scottish salmon producers, Cooke Aquaculture Scotland has facilities in the Shetland and Orkney Islands, as well as the United Kingdom’s mainland.

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland is unique in the Scottish salmon industry, being the only one to produce three product lines: Organic, Label Rouge, and Superior Scottish salmon.

Despite the extreme environment, our salmon is reared in accordance with exceptional farming practices, making Cooke Aquaculture Scotland a leading sustainability-driven company.

Product Lines:

  • Salmon fillets & portions
  • Whole salmon


For more information, please visit www.cookeaquaculturescotland.com

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Cooke Aquaculture Chile

Farm Raised. Fjord Fresh.

Cooke Aquaculture Chile (formerly known as Salmones Cupquelan) is based in the Cupquelan Fjord in southern Chile. The fjord provides a pristine and isolated environment surrounded by glaciers and rainforests – a perfect location for top-quality Atlantic salmon production and the implementation of sustainable farming methods.

Annual harvest projections are between 18,000-19,000 tons (whole fish equivalent). Based on regular benchmarking of its global farming operations, Cooke places its Cupquelan farms as top performers in Chile. The company currently employs approximately 270 people locally, which is expected to increase with additional processing capacity.

Product Lines:

  • Fresh and frozen whole Chilean Atlantic salmon
  • Fresh and frozen salmon fillets and portions
  • Individually vacuum-packed, skinless, boned Atlantic salmon portions
  • Coho whole fish and fillets


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Cooke Aquaculture Spain / Grupo Culmarex

Freshness from the Heart of the Mediterranean.

For over 25 years, Grupo Culmarex has proudly raised the Mediterranean’s freshest and healthiest seafood. We’re equally proud that our passion and commitment to raising sustainable, high-quality sea bass and sea bream helps support the local fishing communities and the people who work near our seven farming locations across Spain.

Product Lines:

  • Sea bass fillets
  • Whole sea bass
  • Sea bream fillets
  • Whole sea bream


For more information, please visit www.culmarex.com